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The Wilson Group Real Estate Services is a full service real estate agency, and our agents are also the best cheerleaders for Nashville and the neighborhoods Nashville has to offer!  Our agents want you to


That is easy to do because


Nashville is the place to be.  Whether you’re looking for your first or 15th home, we’re here to make the process easy, educational and hassle free, and let’s not forget fun.  So in addition to looking at properties that meet your needs, our agents will shed some light on the city, the neighborhoods and the people who make it great.

The Wilson Group is passionate about working with you to find the home you’ll love.

Nashville offers an abundance of options in home designs, property features and neighborhoods as a result of a rich history and historic pride. Our agents recognize Nashville’s heritage and specialize in City Suburban homes and communities.  These include Sylvan Park, Green Hills, West Meade, Richland, Belmont, Bellevue and East Nashville. Homes that were once considered “suburban” and are now within city limits.  These neighborhoods offer classic elements with homes full of character and sophistication while creating an eclectic mix of urban and suburban.  For those who prefer a true suburban community, our agents also specialize in the cities of Brentwood, Franklin, Mt. Juliet and surrounding counties.

Nashville Business Journal - Women of Influence: Christie Wilson

At the beginning of the year, The Wilson Group Real Estate Services merged with Parks (formerly Bob Parks Realty), and Christie Wilson took the position of CEO of the residential real estate firm with 11 offices in Middle Tennessee.

What is the best advice you ever got? My dad gave me this a gazillion years ago: It's OK to be a duck. So even though on top of the water you look like you're gliding along, below the water you may be paddling like hell.

What is you favorite piece of advice to give others starting out in their careers? It's OK to ask for help, so how can I help you today?

What is the biggest misconception about women in business, and how would you set the record straight? I don't pay attention to any misconceptions that are out there. Women and men can do anything in business they choose to do by surrounding themselves with the right people.

What is the most important lesson you've learned as a leader? "No" is a complete sentence. I learned it by saying yes to too many things, and then not being able to effectively do what I had said "yes" to. And although it's a complete sentence, it's still hard to say because there are so many amazing opportunities in Nashville.

What is your favorite quote about strength? "Think you can, think you can't; either way you'll be right," Henry Ford.

What three words give you your strength? Gratitude, family/friend support and great hairstylist.

What is your biggest strength, and how does it apply to your professional life? Socializing. I really enjoy meeting people, going to parties and events, hosting parties and events, and being involved in lots of different things. This has been so helpful in my professional life … because socializing gives one a strong networking edge, allows you to enter a room confidently and find people to talk connect with and to. In real estate, you never know who is wanting to buy, sell, invest or go into the business.

Please describe three of your top professional accomplishments. Merging my company … into Parks (formerly Bob Parks Realty), being named as CEO of Parks and having the opportunity to work alongside one of the real estate industry’s most respected visionaries, Bob Parks, and his amazing team of people. The next top professional accomplishment was being recognized as Realtor of the Year for the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors and for the Tennessee Association of Realtors.

Nashville Business Journal  - Most Admired CEOs: Christie Wilson

The Wilson Group Real Estate Services is a residential real estate firm specializing in listing and sales of homes in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Christie Wilson's role is business owner, broker manager and sales producer.

What's your favorite question to ask in a job interview, and why? “Do you have a business plan?" is my favorite question. I like this question because most people, I mean like everyone, who wants to go into real estate wants to go into real estate because they like houses and they like people. Very few understand or have even thought of out the gate how you must have a strategic plan to find the people to buy and sell property from you.

What is the biggest misconception people have about being a CEO, and what would you say to set the record straight? From one of my favorite [Rolling] Stones songs: "You can't always get what you want, but if you try some time, you might find, you get what you need."

What one trait would you most like to change about yourself? Remembering more names and more faces. It makes me crazy that I can meet someone and then see them again, and I blank out.

Who has the coolest job in Nashville, and why? I do. I work around the greatest people who not only do I get to manage, but get to watch with joy and pride their successes.

What does Nashville need to keep its momentum as an "It City"? Stay friendly. Stay humble. Stay happy.

What advice do you most want to convey to the younger generation just entering the workforce? I'm quoting my friend, Ron Samuels, who told me years ago: "Show up, show up on time, dress appropriately and ask a question."

What is the best decision you made as CEO for your current company? Letting go of a longtime office manager who had been with our company for years, and hiring a new one. … An office full of independent contractors (which Realtors are) is an office of a lot of big personalities. Bill [Little] keeps everyone soothed and attended to, and he's brilliant with technology and multitasking.

Please describe three of your top accomplishments in your role as CEO. 1. We have produced three rookie of the year recipients for the GNAR Awards of Excellence. 2. We were instrumental in starting the turnaround of The Nations neighborhood into becoming one of Nashville's newest hip neighborhoods. 3. We did not have to make any cuts in staff or personnel during the worst real estate recession any of us had experienced.

Nashville Business Journal - Best Places to Work: The Wilson Group Real Estate Services

The Wilson Group Real Estate Services is a full-service, residential, boutique real estate firm. The firm specializes in working with buyers and sellers for their housing and investment needs as well as offers a property management division.

In what unique ways do your employees have fun together? We sponsor the Richland Creek Run, and then after the run host a mimosa and bloody mary brunch where everyone comes and has a biscuit and drink after their run/walk.

What do your employees say is different about work at your company versus their previous workplaces? Our agents and employees say … the culture is not only friendly, but very supportive. And supportive not only professionally, but personally. We understand that life happens, and work can’t be the priority all the time, so we really try to take care of each other when someone has something … going on in their lives outside of work.

How do you plan to raise your score even higher next year? We have implemented even more training, team-building and business-building activities into our strategic plan for 2016. We began working with a strategic planner this year to ensure that our leadership team keeps their focus on the vision and mission of the company, and that trickles down to everyone to help them grow their business, as well.

What is one thing you absolutely won’t tolerate in the workplace? Drama. Save your drama for your momma. Don’t bring it into the office. If you need to talk one on one with someone, then make it one on one, and don’t stir the pot. Negative thinking and mindset won’t be tolerated either.

If you had a company motto for being a Best Place to Work, what would it be in five words or less? Love where you work.

What one fun activity are your employees most looking forward to in 2016? Indoor go-kart racing [one] afternoon and happy hour after.

What is the hardest part about being a Best Place to Work, while also focusing on keeping the business profitable? There is really nothing hard about it. People who work with The Wilson Group are attracted to our firm for our culture of warmth and fun, but also because of our top-notch professionalism and expertise.